Tyson Fury has disclosed the staggering amount of money he made versus Francis Ngannou. During their brutal match last month in Saudi Arabia, Fury prevailed by a close margin against Ngannou. After receiving a unanimous judgment on the scorecards from the judges, he was eliminated before winning a split decision. In one night of boxing versus the self-styled "Gypsy King," the former UFC heavyweight champion made more money than he did during his whole career in mixed martial arts.

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"It's at least more than everything that I have earned in my life, in my career," he said after reportedly taking home £8 million. But Fury made a lot more money than Ngannou did. After his highly anticipated bout against Oleksandr Usyk, he made 'almost £50 million' from his fight against Ngannou, he said in a press conference following the event. When Fury faces Usyk in the coming year, he will be eligible for yet another enormous payout.


Set for February 17, the highly anticipated fight is part of the Riyadh Season. Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury during their brawl. Picture: Getty During the pre-fight news conference, the 35-year-old made fun of the Ukrainian while mentioning his win against Wladimir Klitschko. "You're welcome to be sharing a ring with the future undisputed heavyweight champion - me," stated the fighter. "Remember that I stated that on this stage: you are all dossers, he's going to get knocked out, and you two [Krassyuk and Klimas] are going to be working for me carrying my luggage.


 "I already relieved one Ukrainian of all the belts and I'll relieve that idiot of all the belts I gave him, including that Ring Magazine I only vacated last year so I could win it back three times, sausage."You are aware that you are about to be destroyed. The greatest British heavyweight in history is the opponent you are facing. Sausage, you may have defeated the others, but you couldn't defeat Tyson Fury." Will Fury emerge from Saudi Arabia as the unchallenged heavyweight champion of the world? Inform us.

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