On Tuesday, Arsenal defeated Luton 4-3 thanks to another goal from Kai Havertz. In the sixtyth minute, the 24-year-old was used in center midfield at Kenilworth Road and dashed into the area to finish off a deft cross from Gabriel Jesus. Despite playing left back for his nation, Havertz has already netted four goals in his previous six appearances for Arsenal and Germany.


Havertz was acquired by Arsenal from Chelsea in June. According to Sky Sports, the Gunners had to pay a transfer price of £65 million for him. Three years prior, Chelsea signed a player who had scored 38 goals in his last two seasons in Germany for a staggering £75 million from Bayer Leverkusen. Havertz is renowned for scoring the game-winning goal for Chelsea.


Even yet, a sizable portion of Blues fans still thought he was a bust when he left Stamford Bridge with just 19 goals in 91 Premier League outings.


Havertz was the only player with five shots on Tuesday, even though he was playing in the middle of the field. In addition, he made four crucial passes. Havertz made two tackles and prevailed in six aerial contests against Luton in terms of physicality.

Havertz became the face of Chelsea's frequently brash assault when he lost his way at Stamford Bridge. However, he has been given the freedom to reinvent himself under Mikel Arteta. Havertz received a lot of flak at Chelsea for his shoddy first touch in and around the area.


Although hold-up play and precision finishing were never his strong points, the criticism was frequently warranted. Havertz's final three goals for Arsenal include two goals that perfectly exemplify his attacking strengths. That involves timing his runs to take advantage of space generated by a no. 9 and completing on autopilot before he has a chance to second-guess himself.

It's possible that Chelsea gave Arsenal a bad striker. However, the Gunners acquired a superb goal-scoring midfield player.

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