He also disclosed that he will be promoting the usage of concrete for building roads. "We will have a 43-kilometer dual carriage from Ibadan to Uyo," he said. It has not yet begun. For concretes, we will remodel. To find out what we have, I'm going to meet with the DMO. If it's concrete, we'll return home and go to bed. And we may cover the concrete with two inches of asphalt to have the same smoothness.


"They claim the Ibadan axis is done. That is like placing a chandelier on top of the pavements of the roads. The dual carriageway between Ile-Ife and Ire Akari is being rebuilt. Between Osun State and Uyo State, there is this. It has a 108 km dualization. I'm going to rework it since I have a problem with how we handled the dualized road's reconstruction. Starting both sides at once is quite unprofessional when there is road dualization. I advise using one lane while allowing the rest of the traffic to utilize the other. "Despite the financial issues, we completed one lane, and now we can move to the other.


Therefore, citizens will always have access to an excellent road on one side. "That is what I am going to rearrange so that all dualized roads that are not up to 20 to 30 percent finished, we will at least finish one," said the official. I'll introduce concrete now that this one is 10% complete. Ibadan (Ogbomoso)-Ilorin is now dualized and 80% finished. RCC is in this. 


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