As a result of Israel's attack on Gaza, the number of journalists and their families killed in the region is rising. Since the battle started on October 7, at least 31 reporters have been officially declared deceased, according to data provided by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

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Four Israelis and one Lebanese have been slain, along with twenty-six Palestinian journalists. According to Sherif Mansour, the coordinator of CPJ's Middle East and North Africa program, "CPJ emphasizes that journalists are civilians doing important work during times of crisis and must not be targeted by warring parties," 

"Journalists in the area are sacrificing a lot to report this terrible fight. Particularly those in Gaza have paid an unparalleled price and still do, as threats against them grow exponentially. When there is no safe haven or way out, many have gone in search of protection after losing relatives, friends, and media institutions.

Limited evacuations start across the Rafah crossing from Gaza.

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The first Palestinians to be permitted to leave Gaza, where Israeli bombings targeted a refugee camp for a second day on Wednesday, were hundreds of people holding dual passports and others who were critically injured after more than three weeks of blockade. Not even four captives freed by Hamas have been let to escape the beleaguered enclave, despite the fact that bombs have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes and supplies of food, water, and gasoline are running low.

Earlier last week, Israeli soldiers freed another prisoner. However, it seemed like a small deal was made on Wednesday. In the meantime, images of the destruction in the Jabalya refugee camp in Gaza City and of numerous injured persons, including children, being taken to a local hospital were shown by Al-Jazeera television, one of the few media organizations still reporting from northern Gaza.

The precise number of individuals killed and injured in the attacks, according to the Hamas-run administration, is yet unknown. In the Al Jazeera clip, the images from the previous day were almost exactly the same: hundreds of men searching for survivors among the gray debris of collapsed multistory buildings."

Why is Gaza's lifeblood the Rafah border, and what does it mean?

Since the beginning of the Israel-Gaza conflict, the first Gazan people have crossed the Rafah crossing into Egypt. On Wednesday, almost 100 foreign passport holders crossed the border, and several seriously injured Palestinians were transported in ambulances. In all, some hundred foreign and dual nationalities are slated to depart, along with about 80 injured, as part of an agreement reportedly mediated by Qatar.

 Since the crisis started more than three weeks ago, this is the first evacuation of this kind. How long the border will remain open is unknown. It has been accessible for almost ten days already.

Let assistance reach Gaza. Over 200 vehicles have crossed the border thus far, but much more is required."

For a second day, Israeli warplanes target the refugee camp.


According to the Gaza Authority, which is led by Hamas, Israeli airstrikes have struck residential buildings in a camp for refugees close to Gaza City for the second day in a row, killing and injuring several people. The number of those injured in Wednesday's attacks was not immediately known. Dozens of individuals traveling from Gaza to Egypt via the Rafah crossing, however, entered using foreign passports. Since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict more than three weeks ago, it seems to be the first occasion that bearers of foreign passports have been permitted to leave the besieged area.

Paltel, the primary service provider, stated that following the second significant outage in five days, communications and internet services were progressively being restored. Humanitarian relief organizations have issued warnings, stating that in an already critical situation in Gaza, such outages seriously hamper their operations.

The health ministry in Gaza, which is managed by Hamas, reports that 8,525 Palestinians have lost their lives in the Israel-Hamas conflict. Over 122 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israeli incursions and acts of brutality in the occupied West Bank. Over 1,400 people have died in Israel, the majority of them were civilians murdered in the initial Hamas attack on October 7 that sparked the conflict."

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