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Tuesday, 27 February 2024 11:03


Tekriwal, born in June 1990 into a traditional Marwari family, went to Jawaharlal Nehru Senior Secondary School in Bhopal and Lawrence School in Lovedale. After completing her studies at Coventry University, she got married to a Hyderabad-based businessman.


Acknowledging difficulties in the private aircraft industry, Tekriwal promised to resolve them. She stressed that while organizing private jet trips, brokers and operators sometimes disregard the demands of their clients in favor of profits. Tekriwal continued, "Customers pay astronomical amounts due to sheer lack of transparency and non-availability of charter planes," as reported by Indiatimes.


Following almost 20 months of industry experience and gap analysis, Tekriwal launched JetSetGo. Currently, the organization provides air taxi services, which let Indian cities connect. Using electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, JetSetGo reduces the total cost of chartered flights by combining innovative methods, SMART management, and technology.


. Tekriwal introduced JetSetGo after over 20 months of gap research and industry expertise. Currently, the company offers air taxi services that facilitate communication between Indian cities. By merging cutting-edge techniques, SMART management, and technology, JetSetGo lowers the overall cost of chartered flights by utilizing electric vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

 Tek 2

In 2017, Forbes claimed that JetSetGo, an Indian private jet concierge service, had a seven-fold rise in income due to the increasing trend of wealthy Indians renting private planes and helicopters using Tekriwal's platform.


Her firm has successfully transported about 100,000 passengers and completed 6,000 flights, making it a major player in the market. It is also a leader in the aircraft leasing sector in India.


The World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders and the Indian government's National Entrepreneurship Award for e-commerce went to Tekriwal. Normally a luxury available only to a chosen few, Tekriwal set out to democratize private aviation by making it more widely available, affordable, transparent, and efficient. She quickly thought of and carried out her preparations to realize this idea.

The Rushville Hotel and Suites in Benin's Government Reservation Area (GRA) served as the venue for the announcement. The governor reports that Senator Okpebholo received 12,433 votes, more than his nearest opponent, Dennis Idahosa, a congressman from the Ovia district in the House of Representatives, who received 6,541 votes.

Trinity Plaza 123

In Benin's Government Reservation Area (GRA), at the Rushville Hotel and Suites, an announcement was made. The Governor reports that Senator Okpebholo received 12,433 votes, more than the 6,541 votes cast for his nearest opponent, House of Representatives lawmaker Dennis Idahosa of the Ovia constituency.


Okpebholo's win is significant since it establishes him as the APC's nominee for governor of Edo State in the next election. This primary election follows a contentious and unresolved one that was supervised by Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma last week. Disagreements regarding Dennis Idahosa's hasty proclamation as the winner led the APC National Working Committee to step in and declare the first primary unresolved.


Uzodimma said that Idahosa had accumulated 40,483 votes, the number that party members had disputed as leading in the gubernatorial run. In addition to addressing the divisive problems that plagued the first attempt, the primary rerun demonstrates the APC's dedication to an open and democratic process for choosing its candidates.

Friday, 23 February 2024 14:25


According to reports, the Dangote refinery has established a deadline for selling and exporting its first fuel.

The Dangote Refinery has taken a crucial step by releasing bids for the sale of its first two export cargoes of petroleum.

Dangote Refinery 2

Dangote has granted Trafigura the contract to load the first shipment, which will consist of 65,000 metric tons of sulfur straight-run fuel oil, by the end of February.

The refinery was reportedly getting ready to ship its first petroleum cargoes to the domestic market in weeks, according to rumors that surfaced.


Major Nigerian oil marketers had signed up with Dangote Refinery to transport and sell petroleum products from the $20 billion plant. According to the article, important marketers operating under the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MEMAN) umbrella affirmed that, upon registration, they would start distributing fuel from the facility as soon as the contractual arrangements were settled. Additionally, according to sources, the refinery management was met by the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) to discuss arrangements for product purchase.


Energy policy experts praised the progress but did not address whether the change will have an impact on local prices.

Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited is scheduled to deliver 475,000 barrels of crude oil to the Port Harcourt refinery, which will thereafter start up in the meatime. Because to the plant's poor condition, which necessitated testing and renovation to guarantee preparedness for sustainable operations, this is the first crude oil supply in a few years.


In another event, oil firms in Nigeria have been directed by the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) to deliver around 483,000 barrels of crude oil per day to nearby refineries for the next six months, starting in January 2024. The project is a component of Nigeria's attempts to guarantee a consistent supply to regional refiners for domestic use. In the upcoming year, about six local refineries—including Nigeria's three refineries in Port Harcourt, Warri, and Kaduna, as well as the 650,000-capacity Dangote refinery—are anticipated to start producing.

In Russia's two-year-long, larger war on Ukraine, Russian regiments and brigades have a poor tendency to mass their forces in the open, during the day, only ten or twenty miles from the front lines. either for a high-ranking officer's inspection or for instruction. The wheeled High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System launcher in Ukraine is equipped with M30/31 rockets, which are produced in the United States, and can fire up to a distance of ten to twenty kilometers.

Trinity Plaza 123

It is therefore not surprising that the Ukrainians had detected and attacked these meetings twice in the space of two days, presumably using drones. Numerous Russians are said to have died. The 39th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade of the Russian army in Trudivs'ke, eastern Ukraine, was the target of the first hit on Tuesday. The 29th Combined Arms Army commander, Maj. Gen. Oleg Lvovich Moiseev, had two infantry companies and their commander, Col. G. Musaev, lined up so that he could speak to them.


According to reports, Moiseev was on his way when a HIMARS began fire and a Ukrainian drone flew overhead. The front line is located in Vuhledar, some 20 kilometers to the west. Up to 57 miles can be covered by GPS-guided M30/31 rockets, each containing 182,000 tungsten balls, fired by a HIMARS. Mounds of dead Russians are shown in the survivors' images and videos. Musaev was among the allegedly 65 troops that perished. As he documented the devastation, one survivor said, "They lined them up in an open field." "Chaotic leaders." Never claim that the Russian military is capable of learning from its errors.


At least not very soon. On Wednesday, the very following day, two groups of Russian forces convened once more for inspection and training in the open.

328th Air Assault Regiment, 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade, and 81st Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment came together in two distinct formations in the Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, which is located on the left bank of the Dnipro River, about 20 miles south of the Ukrainian Marine Corps' bridgehead in Krynky. They were found by a drone from Ukraine. HIMARS-like Ukrainian artillery began to fire. About sixty more Russians are said to have perished. The Russians had excellent cause to hope for relief amidst the corpses and blood.


About three hundred HIMARS in Ukraine are primarily supplied with M30/31 rockets by the United States, and since October, Republicans in the U.S. Congress who support Russia have prevented the country from receiving any more help. Eventually, the rockets will run out. By then, Russian soldiers will find it much safer to loiter in the open during the daytime hours inside drone and rocket range of the front line.

Vivek Vaswani, an actor and producer, and Shah Rukh Khan get along well. The latter assisted SRK in launching his Bollywood career and even permitted him to stay at his home when the actor was going through a difficult time. However, Vivek recently disclosed that the two had not communicated for the past four years.


After SRK's birthday celebration four years prior, Vivek said he could not meet him. "We don't even have a relationship; we don't even meet or talk," Vivek claimed. However, the years between them never show when they meet. In discussing the gap, he said that he goes by bus and local train and works eighteen hours a day as a teacher and dean, thus he is unlikely to run across a superstar like SRK.


The final time Vivek saw SRK was during the actor's birthday celebration at Mannat in 2018. He remembered the occasion when SRK invited him to visit his children. He described it as a good-natured celebration where everyone had a great time. Shah Rukh presented him to Aanand L Rai at the function, claiming that he had never approached the celebrity for assistance. "He continued, pointing to the gathering, "Anand Bhai, Look at all these people—I've given them all cars and apartments—they all owe me. However, Vivek hasn't yet taken a cup of tea from me," Vivek said, quoting SRK.


Vivek revealed that he once missed his call to a celebrity, explaining why he did not contact him even after going through a difficult period with cancer. "I have one phone number, and SRK has seventeen." After Jawan, I phoned him, but he didn't answer. He phoned me back when I was in the shower, but I could not

Shunka respond. He has several duties and travels frequently. I'm OK since he's an empire builder," Vivek said.



They last worked together on the movie "Dulha Mil Gaya" in 2010. He even enjoys producing or directing movies alongside Suhana Khan, the daughter of superstar Shah Rukh Khan. In the same interview, he declared that Suhana had more potential than any other actress and that Shah Rukh Khan would not turn down a request to work with her on a movie.


Indian actor and producer SRK mostly works in Hindi cinema. Named "King Khan" and "Baadshah of Bollywood" by the media, he has starred in over 90 movies and won several awards, including 14 Filmfare Awards. The governments of France and India have bestowed upon him the Legion of Honour and the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in addition to the Padma Shri.



In Asia and among the Indian diaspora around the globe, Khan has considerable popularity. Several media sites have referred to him as one of the world's most successful film stars in terms of both audience size and money. His films often focus on gender, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious divides, grievances, and Indian national identity concerning expatriate groups.

Thursday, 22 February 2024 13:40


The Houthi rebels in Yemen assert that they have destroyed a US drone and sunk a UK ship as their conflicts with Western troops intensify. They added in a statement issued on Monday night: "Over the last twenty-four hours, there have been four operations involving the armed forces. Thank God, the first operation, which targeted a British ship, resulted in its total sinking.

Houthi rebels

The latter two attacks targeted two American ships, while the second operation targeted the American aircraft "MQ9" in the Hodeidah Governorate's airspace. "The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm their full right to take further military measures in the Red and Arab seas in defense of our people, our country, and our nation, and in confirmation of their position in support of the oppressed Palestinian people, and that their operations in the Red and Arab Bahrain will escalate and will not stop until the aggression stops and the siege on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is lifted." Following weeks of Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, the US and UK soldiers are allegedly targeted in an attack.


Attacks against Houthi vessels and sites in the area have been carried out by American and British forces. Until Israel ends its war against Hamas in Gaza, the organization has pledged to keep up its disruption of international trade.


Over 28,000 people have died as a result of Israel's bombardment on Gaza, according to the health ministry there, which is managed by Hamas. Following Hamas' October 7 attack, which claimed 1,200 Israeli lives, Israel declared war on the terrorist organization. Leaders in the US and the UK have denounced the IDF's most recent operations in the southern city of Rafah. Following yesterday's serious damage to a British cargo ship, the Houthi accusation was made.


According to a prior statement from a Houthi representative, "The ship suffered catastrophic damage and came to a complete halt." The ship is currently in danger of sinking in the Gulf of Aden due to the significant damage it sustained. It was damaged by an explosion that occurred "nearby of the vessel," according to the UK Maritime Trade Operations agency. It is said that the crew managed to get off the ship.

A HIMARS missile attack by a Ukrainian army destroyed 65 Russian soldiers who had been instructed to create a formation by a careless commander. The horrific film, captured by shocked eyewitnesses, revealed scores of dead. Horrifying images captured by shocked survivors revealed how the attack left scores of dead scattered over a scorched and pockmarked landscape.

HRussia 1

Leading combat commander Major-General Oleg Moiseev, 49, gave the orders for the troops and officers to line up for an impromptu inspection, which resulted in their mass deaths and numerous injuries. It was obvious that Ukraine had information about the meeting with the tough Moiseev, the commander of the Eastern Military District's 29th Army and a propaganda hero for Putin. Russian reports claim that the major general was not even at the location when the precision HIMARS assault occurred, destroying his company and injuring several others.


According to Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk, Ukraine claims to have shot down another Russian Su-34 fighter jet today, marking the seventh enemy aircraft downed in as many weeks, which is a blow to Russia's air force.

The foolishness of Moiseev's inspection of the 4th, 5th, and 6th companies of the 36th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade at Trudivske, the occupied Donetsk area, infuriated Russian military war bloggers.


One vehement commentator said, 'One can only be amazed at the lack of learning of [commanders] in the second year of [the conflict].' Major-General Moiseev, a brave commander featured in a saccharine propaganda video directed by Vladimir Solovyov, Putin's favorite TV cheerleader, bore personal responsibility for the situation. "He set up this formation," said a different channel. These men were slain by him. Commanders such as Moiseev were chastised by war correspondent Andrey Rudenko for aligning their forces near the front line 'only to display your significance'.


"There is a very high probability of receiving a HIMARS MLRS rocket in what is called your head," he wrote in a humorous remark. Thus, look out for both yourself and your staff! Vladimir Rogov, a well-known lawmaker sympathetic to the Kremlin, denounced the "criminal practice" of soldiers being paraded in front of commanders over "missile-ridden terrain." A large number of the fallen soldiers were from Siberia's Transbaikal area. The authorities there today attempted to prevent the stories of the troops' savagery from being distributed. The self-propelled Highly Mobile Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) are launchers that can fire a variety of weapons from a missile pod. They can fire six missiles in succession, enabling Ukraine to strike deep into Russian-held territory and spread the damage over a large blast radius.


The catastrophic error occurred when Putin attempted to celebrate his soldiers' tiny breakthrough in Avdiivka after the Ukrainian army had made a tactical withdrawal. Regarding the general state of affairs in Avdiivka, the tyrant said to Sergei Shoigu, his minister of defense, that "this is an absolute success."I give you my congratulations. It must be expanded upon. "The liberation of Avdiivka operation will be included in textbooks and studied in all educational institutions of the [Russian] Defence Ministry," claimed Shoigu.


In an attempt to make an impression, military bloggers and combat watchers claim that he also sent Putin false information on the seizure of Krynki, a strategically important Ukrainian settlement in the Kherson area, which is still in Ukrainian hands. Yes, it is accurate. "Krynki is now free of Ukrainians," Shoigu informed his superior. 'How many more great versions will be reported to the top [Putin]?' asked the Russian Telegram channel Thirteenth recently. This is a blatant falsehood [by Shoigu], not a positive promotion.

With almost 13,000 tweets including the phrase "boycott NYC," Donald Trump was forced to pay more than $350 million in a huge fraud trial verdict on X.


In an effort to express their displeasure with the civil fraud ruling that penalized former president Donald Trump more than $350 million, truck drivers who support him have stated that they will not be traveling to New York City. Judge Arthur Engoron declared on February 16 that tens of millions of dollars were owed by Mr. Trump, his two sons, colleagues of the Trump Organization, and Trump properties. In addition to being sentenced to pay more than $350 million plus interest, Mr. Trump, his companies, and his trust were also compelled to pay around $4 million to his sons.

Trump 1

It appears that a large number of truck drivers nationwide disagree with the decision. "I've been on the radio talking to drivers for about the past hour and I've talked to about 10 drivers," said a guy going by the online handle Chicago Ray in a video that was uploaded on X after the decision. He added that truckers are going to “stop refusing loads starting on Monday.” He added, "I'll tell you what, you f*** around and find out. I don't know how far across the country this is or how many truckers are going to start denying loads going to New York City."


He said, sporting a headgear bearing the Trump logo, "We're tired of you f***ing leftists f***ing with Trump." "It won't matter to our superiors if we refuse the workload. Okay, let's just go somewhere else. You are aware of how extremely difficult it is to enter New York City in one of these [vehicles]?


"Trucker supporters," he said, quoting Mr. Trump as he referred to the decision as "election meddling." There seems to be some interest in the video. On X, the topic "Boycott NYC" was trending as of Sunday morning, with almost 13,000 postings addressing it. It's uncertain if the boycott will come to pass. However, Chicago Ray is not the only one who has expressed disapproval of the civil fraud decision. "Stand with Trump; Fund the $355M Unjust Judgment" is the title of a GoFundMe page set up by Grant Cardone's affluent wife, Elena Cardone.


"100% of funds will be forwarded to Trump Org for his defense of this ridiculous judgment," her husband said on X. "In the face of what I perceive to be unprecedented and unfair treatment by certain judicial elements in New York," she wrote on the website, reaffirming her support for President Donald Trump. The campaign, which was started by Ms. Cardone, has already raised almost $240,000. The intense response to the civil fraud ruling may be a sign of how the United States will react to the resolution of the continuing legal battles that Mr. Trump is involved in both federal and state courts.

The government of Anambra deems Masquerade sought for fatally striking a 71-year-old man. The government of Anambra deems Masquerade sought for fatally striking a 71-year-old man. Ifechukwu Nweke, a man sought by the Anambra State Government, is suspected of murdering Shedrack Okoye, a 71-year-old man while posing as a resident of the Umuawulu village in the Awka South Local Government Area. According to information obtained, Okoye of Okpala-Nduka kindred of Enugu quarters, also in Umuawulu, was fatally assaulted by the 19-year-old suspect from Unuenu quarters, Umuawulu, after Okoye refused to pay him money.

Trinity Plaza 123

On December 26, 2023, the event occurred when the dead were being visited by a friend. The State Commissioner for Culture, Entertainment, and Tourism, Comrade Don Onyenji, responded to the incident in his office at the Jerome Udorji Secretariat, Awka, on Tuesday, February 20, 2024. He said that the act violates the state's law on masquerading, which was enacted in 2022, and stated that communities that use masquerades as a form of entertainment during festivals or festivities should have an arena where people seeking such fun should go and enjoy themselves.


Onyenji stated that masquerading as a culture is all about enjoyment and amusement. He claimed that the state's legislation states that under no circumstances could a masquerade or masquerade restrict people's mobility, block a community's road, or cause any problems in a community. He said that it is illegal for the specific disguise to obstruct people's path and to speak less about killing someone. The Commissioner stated unequivocally that this is a murder case that requires the utmost seriousness and that the perpetrator would be held accountable for their actions regardless of the length of time it takes.


Onyenji expressed his sympathies to the family of the deceased but advised them to work with the community through the traditional ruler, who he claimed has been organizing arrangements to provide the deceased a respectable burial, rather than trying to impose rules on their own. In the meantime, the deceased's family is calling for justice, claiming that the Umuawulu community is not making any significant efforts to bring the offender to justice. Speaking to the punch, Chidubem, the deceased's first son, bemoaned the difficulties the family had faced in obtaining justice and burying their father, adding that as a result, the body of the dead had been placed at the morgue since his murder.


He recalled, "On that fateful day, my father, Chief Okoye, left his house alive to go with his friend and a community member who came to fete with him in the spirit of the Christmas season, only to be brought back as a corpse moments later." "While traveling, my father and his friend encountered about four masquerades; one of them would not let him pass, even after the other three had moved on." "The unyielding masquerade requested money from my father and insisted that he must give him money before he would pass. "My father explained to him that he had just left empty-handed to bid him farewell and that he had no money on him.


However, the disguise persisted, calling him a shrewd guy and promising that if he didn't pay him money, he wouldn't let him pass. According to the agreement, my dad's buddy may go even if he didn't pay him any cash. Until they realized that the disguise was cruel, they originally believed it to be a joke. To rescue the day and spare my father, who the masquerade was even shoving and frightening with a cane as he was speaking, my father's buddy reached into his pocket, pulled out N500, and handed it to him.


He clarified that the masquerade had threatened to deal with him and pushed him since, even after receiving the money from his father's friend, he insisted that the dead pay him his own money. "The masquerade exposed his face, presumably so that he and those in the vicinity could see that he was not grinning, and he struck Okoye in the chest with a strong blow at close range, pushed him again, left him there, and left."


"My father leaned down and began to moan about his chest after the masquerade punched him. Then, the masquerade shoved him down, left him there, and departed, still cursing my father for wasting his time. "My father's friend and the people around him called him as the masquerade was leaving, but he ignored them, telling them to leave my father there, saying that he was just acting and faking everything at the time and that he would still get up after a little while," the man said.


My father began to stifle at this time, and he passed away right then, and when people realized he was no longer himself and couldn't be rushed to the hospital on a tricycle. He suffered as he passed away. He disclosed that before his demise at the hands of the masquerade, his father, a small-time businessman, whose spouse passed away in 2003, suffered from a significant cardiac condition. According to Chidubem, many in the vicinity of the event recognized the masquerade as "Ifechukwu," a 19-year-old local native.


He said that following the occurrence, the offender had left the community. He claims that after reporting the issue to both the traditional ruler of Umuawulu and the Central Police Station in Awka, not much has been done since the police stated they would not take any more action on the problem until the suspect was taken into custody. Speaking earlier, Igwe Joel Egwuonwu, the Traditional Ruler of Umuawulu, said he was startled to hear about the event and that it led to an indefinite ban on masquerading in Umuawulu.


 According to Igwe Egwuonwu, he also formed a committee to mediate a settlement between the two families and provide a respectable funeral for the dead. According to the monarch, they have managed to agree on the amount of money that the guilty party's family would have to pay thus far. He said that some concerned community members are attempting to raise the remaining funds that the committee had allowed for the funeral service because neither the deceased nor the offender has the financial wherewithal to cover the costs.

Following her co-wife Bushra Ibrahim's hot water treatment at the Unguwar Sadauki in Jere Town, Kagarko Local Government Area, Kaduna State, a lady only known as Hauwa'u has absconded. It was learned that the occurrence occurred at their married home on Sunday, February 18, 2024, at around ten o'clock at night, three months after Bushra had been welcomed into the family as the second wife.

'Trinity Plaza 123

The victim clarified that the suspect had asked to enter the room to retrieve an object that she had claimed was hers.

"When I insisted on knowing what it was, she told me it was a pillow that our husband had kept with me. She continued, "I suggested that she hold off until our husband, who had gone to Kano for business, gets back. "After that, I gave our spouse a call to ask about the pillow.


He informed me that while the pillow was handed to him by someone else, I should give it to her for the sake of peace because she had insisted on having it. Nevertheless, I got into a quarrel with Hauwa'u and had to haul her out of my room as a result. After threatening and telling me to expect something from her, she disappeared into her room.


I left the home for a wedding the next day, and when I returned around 8:00 p.m., we chatted. About two hours later, I got a call from our husband demanding that I make him something to eat.


She walked up behind me and doused me in boiling water while I was cooking. Malam Ibrahim Mai Inyas, the woman's husband, claimed that all attempts to get in touch with his first wife, the suspect, had been unsuccessful thus far. The suspect left the region right away with their one-year-old boy.

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