On October 14, KSI and Tommy Fury declared that they would face off within the squared circle. Since Fury's defeat over Jake Paul in February of this year, the two adversaries have been engaged in discussions for a time.


However, their boxing match was officially announced as the main event when KSI did so on Twitter on Sunday night. Advert The eight-round fight between the unbeaten duo will take place at Manchester's AO Arena as part of a massive Misfits Boxing & DAZN event. It's referred to as the "Prime Card," and Logan Paul, KSI's former opponent and current business partner, will also participate.

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KSI stated following the announcement: "I returned to boxing to show the world the ridiculous levels I'm at. Advertisement "I've proved that I am the best in this scene by destroying all of my previous opponents. I've now reached the hardest battle in the influencer boxing circuit thanks to KO after KO. My opponent is Tommy Fury. I'm up against the man who stopped the previously unbeaten Jake Paul, and I can't wait to put all the skeptics to rest who think I have no chance. You'll see that I am that man after this battle." "I've already defeated Jake Paul, so all that is left for me to do is send this man to sleep," said Fury. I'll accomplish it in four rounds.



It's simple money here. Advert In May, KSI faced Joe Fournier in a bout that was clouded with controversy. The Sidemen member successfully defended his MF cruiserweight title by knocking out his opponent in the second round.


Replays should show that he unintentionally elbowed Fournier on the last move. In the end, boxing officials determined that the strike was unlawful and that the bout should be considered a no-contest. Attendant Fury entered the ring after the bout for a post-fight staredown. However, he had already been active earlier in the evening when, immediately following Anthony Taylor's victory against Salt Papi, he engaged in a fight with fellow ex-Love Island contender Idris Virgo. Professionally, Fury is 9-0, and KSI is 5-0.

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