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Kayode Olorundare

Wednesday saw intense ground battle between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists in Gaza as the Israelis broke through the damaged Palestinian enclave and arrived in the center of the southern city of Khan Younis.

Moreover, in one of the most intense battles in the two months since the start of the Hamas-Israel conflict, Israeli jets barraged targets.

Gaza 2

Palestinian medical professionals said that supplies were running low and that hospitals were bursting at the seams with civilian casualties, many of them women and children. There were fewer and fewer secure places for the hundreds of thousands of individuals who had been uprooted from their homes.

To destroy Hamas, Israeli forces and tanks have mostly taken control of the northern portion of the Gaza Strip and have now advanced to the southern portion. When a truce broke last week, they unleashed a wave of violence that surrounded Khan Younis.

Israel said on Wednesday that its forces were engaged in intense combat and that they had hit hundreds of targets within the enclave, including a terrorist cell close to a northern school.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military branch of Hamas, also said that its militants were involved in combat with Israeli soldiers.

On Tuesday, 24 military vehicles were damaged and eight Israeli troops were reported killed or injured by Hamas. Israel said that since the ground assault started five weeks ago, 84 of its troops had died.

Medecins Sans Frontieres said that hundreds of patients at the Al-Aqsa Hospital in central Gaza require emergency care due to severely low levels of fuel and medical supplies.


Since December 1, 150 to 200 war-wounded patients on average have been admitted to the hospital every day, according to Marie-Aure Perreault Revial, the emergency coordinator for MSF.

"There are 700 patients admitted in the hospital now, with new patients arriving all the time," she stated.

Israel has been publishing an internet map to inform Gazans of where areas of the enclave should flee to prevent assaults ever since the truce broke down. On Monday, the eastern part of Khan Younis was demarcated, and many of its inhabitants fled on foot.

However, Gazans claim that there is nowhere safe to go because Israel is still bombing the places where it is ordering Palestinians to go, and the few remaining communities and shelters are already overrun.

Israel investigates Lebanon strike

In an apparent reference to Israeli shelling that left a Lebanese soldier dead and three others wounded the day before, the Israeli army stated on Wednesday that it was investigating a strike that injured Lebanese forces in south Lebanon.

"The strike did not target the Lebanese Armed Forces. The event has been regretted by the IDF. The Israeli military released a statement saying, "The incident is under review."


Since the beginning of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian organization Hamas on October 7, Israel and the highly armed Lebanese militia Hezbollah have been exchanging gunfire across the Lebanese-Israeli border.

The soldier, a sergeant, was killed on Tuesday when Israel shelled an army post in Lebanon, according to the army.

From a "known launch area and observation point" used by Hezbollah, the Israeli army said that its forces had engaged in "self-defense to eliminate an imminent threat that had been identified from Lebanon".

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According to the British Council, more than 1600 Nigerian doctors moved to the UK in the past year. The General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom has made a stunning discovery in its "Workforce Report 2023": 1,616 doctors with training from Nigeria have joined the UK medical workforce in 2022 alone, marking a large migration of medical professionals from that country. This rise has positioned Nigeria as the third highest provider of non-UK graduate physicians, overtaken only by India and Pakistan, which provided 2,402 and 2,372 doctors, respectively.


Additionally, the data shows that Nigeria's doctor migration rate is steadily increasing, and Nigeria is about to surpass Pakistan to become the nation with the second-highest concentration of foreign-trained physicians in the UK. The research highlights the growing significance of international medical graduates (IMGs), particularly those from Nigeria, in the UK healthcare system. These individuals make up over half of newly hired physicians and 63% of the 23,838 new entries to the medical register.


 The Changing Medical Workforce in the United Kingdom But in Nigeria, this tendency has raised concerns. The Nigerian Medical Association is concerned that future medical immigration may be necessary due to the high incidence of medical brain drain. Nigeria's health industry is now dealing with a serious workforce shortage. Due to the migration of physicians and other health workers abroad, hospitals all across the nation are dealing with a decline in outpatients and surgical volume. This has put a strain on the remaining healthcare professionals, resulting in overwork, tiredness, and burnout.


The GMC study also draws attention to a notable change from 2014, when only 181 Nigerian physicians were employed in the UK. According to the data, the fastest-growing category of new hires since 2015 has been non-British nationality doctors who obtained their primary medical qualifications (PMQs) in their native country. These doctors currently make up 48% of the new hires. On the other hand, the percentage of British nationals who are PMQ has decreased, falling from 53% in 2015 to 30% in 2022.

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Popular in hot tea, ginger is recognized for strengthening the body's defenses against illnesses and acting as a traditional medicine. Ginger has several health advantages, but it's important to use caution while consuming it. On Facebook, nutritionist Oleg Shvets offered some observations. What benefits does ginger offer? For millennia, ginger has been an indispensable ingredient in culinary and medical traditions worldwide due to its versatility as a spice and taste enhancer. Experts have highlighted several health advantages of ginger, which are attributed to its high antioxidant content.

 Ginger 12

Ginger has little calories—just 4 in two teaspoons—but it's loaded with antioxidants that protect cells from harm by free radicals, according to a medical professional. The following is a summary of the principal health advantages of consuming ginger: stops germs from procreating Some of the chemicals found in fresh ginger are powerful protectors against viruses, bacteria, and other infectious agents. They contain viruses and stop bacteria from growing. Oral health: Ginger's active gingerols reduce the risk of periodontitis, a severe inflammatory gum disease, by preventing bacterial development in the mouth. reduces nausea


Ginger relieves nausea, particularly in expectant mothers. It facilitates disintegration and eliminates gasses that build up in the intestines. Additionally, ginger can assist with nausea from chemotherapy or seasickness "Shvets explains. Relief of muscle pain Regular use of ginger has been demonstrated to alleviate muscular stiffness, albeit it is not an instant cure. alleviates arthritic symptoms The anti-inflammatory qualities of ginger, which include reducing swelling, can help treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in addition to main therapy.

"Pain and swelling can be relieved both by consuming ginger orally and by applying a ginger compress or patch to the skin," according to the dietitian. A possible defense against cancer Biologically active compounds in ginger may slow the growth of some malignancies, according to observations; nonetheless, further studies using reliable techniques are required. control of blood sugar A tiny recent study found that ginger improves insulin use by the body. "It is worth continuing to plan and carry out research in this direction to make sure that ginger really improves the level of sugar in the blood," according to the physician.

 alleviation from menstrual pain When consumed throughout the menstrual cycle, supplements containing ginger powder have been shown to lessen menstrual discomfort. Lowering of cholesterol "Regular consumption of ginger has shown promise in lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, contributing to vascular health," according to the physician. Richness in antioxidants The antioxidants in ginger strengthen the body's defenses against stress, protect DNA from oxidative damage, and enhance general health, including immunity to chronic illnesses. Help for Indigestion "Ginger aids in chronic indigestion by promoting faster emptying, preventing post-meal stomach discomfort," says the dietitian.

What dangers come with eating ginger? However, it's important to be aware of the possible hazards connected to consuming ginger. High dosages above 5 g per day may cause adverse effects, such as heartburn, indigestion, and irritation of the oral mucous membranes, even though modest amounts are usually well tolerated. Additionally, ginger raises the possibility of bleeding, which might be harmful if a person has a blood clotting condition. Additionally, blood thinners, medications for diabetes, and high blood pressure may interact with supplements containing ginger. As a result, you should speak with a doctor before using them," Shoemaker advises.

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On Tuesday, Arsenal defeated Luton 4-3 thanks to another goal from Kai Havertz. In the sixtyth minute, the 24-year-old was used in center midfield at Kenilworth Road and dashed into the area to finish off a deft cross from Gabriel Jesus. Despite playing left back for his nation, Havertz has already netted four goals in his previous six appearances for Arsenal and Germany.


Havertz was acquired by Arsenal from Chelsea in June. According to Sky Sports, the Gunners had to pay a transfer price of £65 million for him. Three years prior, Chelsea signed a player who had scored 38 goals in his last two seasons in Germany for a staggering £75 million from Bayer Leverkusen. Havertz is renowned for scoring the game-winning goal for Chelsea.


Even yet, a sizable portion of Blues fans still thought he was a bust when he left Stamford Bridge with just 19 goals in 91 Premier League outings.


Havertz was the only player with five shots on Tuesday, even though he was playing in the middle of the field. In addition, he made four crucial passes. Havertz made two tackles and prevailed in six aerial contests against Luton in terms of physicality.

Havertz became the face of Chelsea's frequently brash assault when he lost his way at Stamford Bridge. However, he has been given the freedom to reinvent himself under Mikel Arteta. Havertz received a lot of flak at Chelsea for his shoddy first touch in and around the area.


Although hold-up play and precision finishing were never his strong points, the criticism was frequently warranted. Havertz's final three goals for Arsenal include two goals that perfectly exemplify his attacking strengths. That involves timing his runs to take advantage of space generated by a no. 9 and completing on autopilot before he has a chance to second-guess himself.

It's possible that Chelsea gave Arsenal a bad striker. However, the Gunners acquired a superb goal-scoring midfield player.

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Osimhen accepted the Italian Footballer of the Year Award with his German partner at his side.


The 24-year-old striker for the Super Eagles of Nigeria took up the accolade on Monday night, following his historic Scudetto-winning performance with Napoli in the 2022–23 campaign. Since its founding in 1968, the AIC awards have given rise to a number of prestigious titles, such as goal of the season, club of the year, coach of the year, and squad of the year.

Osimen 1123

The Player of the Year award, which has previously gone to players like Rafael Leao, Gianluigi Buffon, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andrea Pirlo, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was the most coveted prize of the evening and the last to be given out.


Osimhen scored 26 goals in 36 Serie A appearances for Napoli during their Scudetto-winning campaign, and as a result, he was chosen as the winner of the 2023 edition.

Osimen 1 2

For the third time this year, the Napoli forward made public his relationship with Stefanie Kim Ladewig, his longtime girlfriend and child's mother. Wearing a stunning black gown, the German beauty of Cameroonian origin stepped up to support her spouse, who won the night's greatest prize.


The couple is said to be living together in Italy with their daughter Hailey True, despite the fact that they have kept certain aspects of their relationship confidential.

The government of the Republic of Benin has been ordered by the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reimburse Sunday Adeyemo, often known as Igboho, 20 million CFA for his "unlawful detention." The money was ordered to be paid within three months by the court. On February 10, Igboho filed an application with the court contesting his apprehension and confinement in a nation that speaks French.

Sunday Igboho 123

Igboho and his spouse Ropo were taken into custody in Cotonou, Benin Republic, in July of 2021.

After the Department of State Services (DSS) searched his home in Ibadan, Oyo state, on July 1, the Yoruba Nation agitator left Nigeria. Two days before the raid, Igboho had organized a "Yoruba nation rally" in Lagos. Twelve of his assistants were taken into custody and two individuals were killed in the raid. After claiming that Igboho was hoarding firearms, the DSS issued a wanted poster.


The government of the Republic of Benin has been ordered by the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to reimburse Sunday Adeyemo, often known as Igboho, 20 million CFA for his "unlawful detention." The money was ordered to be paid within three months by the court. On February 10, Igboho filed an application with the court contesting his apprehension and confinement in the nation that speaks French.

Sunday Igboho

The nation was also ordered by the ECOWAS court to abide by its directive and to return to the court with proof of payment. Upon the Nigerian government's request, Igboho and his spouse, Ropo, were taken into custody in Cotonou, Benin Republic, in July 2021. After the Department of State Services (DSS) searched his home in Ibadan, Oyo state, on July 1, the Yoruba Nation agitator left Nigeria. Two days before the raid, Igboho had organized a "Yoruba nation rally" in Lagos. Twelve of his assistants were taken into custody and two individuals were killed in the raid.


After claiming that Igboho was hoarding firearms, the DSS issued a wanted poster. Promotion Following his detention, the Nigerian government tried vainly to bring him back home. Later, the Beninese authorities freed his wife. Igboho was imprisoned in a national jail after being charged in the Court D'Apeal in Cotonou. The accusations leveled against him included advocating for the Yoruba people's independence from the Nigerian state, instigating violence, and smuggling weapons. Igboho refuted each and every accusation made against him, as did his attorneys.


But new accusations against him in the Benin Republic court centered on unlawful entrance and criminal association. Commercial Ad He was returned to his physicians in March 2022 with the proviso that he would not be allowed to leave Cotonou or the medical facility. Igboho's attorney, Yomi Aliu, verified his client's release in October.

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Human rights advocate Omoyele Sowore described how a lady was detained for posting a video online denouncing the assassination of Deborah Samuel by a vengeful mob. Remember that Deborah Samuel, a student at Sokoto's Shehu Shagari College of Education, was publicly murdered by her peers because she had defied Allah, their God?

Deborah Samuel

But Sowore revealed, during a speech to a group, that the individuals who killed the woman were allowed to roam the streets, while Rhoda Jatau, a woman, was imprisoned for having posted a video criticizing and opposing the young woman's death. "Today, one of the trending issues is that of a woman known as Rhoda Jatau, who is also now in Bauchi prison, being persecuted for sharing a video condemning the killing of Deborah Samuel," Omoyele Sowore stated in a video uploaded by Sahara TV.

Deborah Samuel 1

The criminals who killed Deborah Samuel remain at large, but the lady who recently posted a video of others denouncing her senseless killing is incarcerated. Greetings, dear readers Kindly let us know what you think and feel about this post.

The $25 billion Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) is scheduled to start in 2024, according to Ekperikpe Ekpo, Nigeria's minister of energy. On November 27, Ekpo disclosed the building timeline that was scheduled to take place. This came after a Moroccan team headed by Ambassador Moha Ou Ali Tagm visited Abuja.

Gas 12

Construction on the $25 billion Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline (NMGP) is scheduled to start in 2024, according to Ekperikpe Ekpo, Nigeria's minister of energy. On November 27, Ekpo disclosed the building timeline that was scheduled to take place. This came after a Moroccan team headed by Ambassador Moha Ou Ali Tagm visited Abuja. The pipeline is expected to be the second-longest pipeline in the world, after the West-East Gas Pipeline in China, and will cover 5,600 kilometers while passing through 13 African nations and providing service to about 500 million people.


Gas from Nigeria is to be transported to West African countries via the NMGP, with the possibility of expansion into Europe. Nigeria could be able to sell gas to Europe and make a sizable profit in addition to supplying gas to the African continent. Phases of the construction would be completed in three years for the first stage and five years for the other stages. The pipeline is slated to start in Brass Island in Nigeria and go up into northern Morocco, where it may eventually join the Maghreb European Pipeline, which already runs from Algeria to Spain.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Ltd (NNPCL) asserts that the pipeline will increase regional economic integration, create jobs, raise living standards, and drastically cut carbon emissions.


For the gas pipeline project, Morocco and Nigeria signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on September 15 of last year. However, the pipeline agreement was first proposed in 2016 by Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari and Morocco's King Mohammed VI. Nigerian and Moroccan officials signed a funding agreement for a feasibility study in December 2021, following the project's approval by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).

Zion Carr, who was just eight years old when he witnessed his aunt's horrifying killing by a police officer who was ultimately found guilty of her manslaughter, has received compensation. This is a picture of Zion Carr giving a court testimony. Millions in damages have been granted to Zion Carr. A Texas city has awarded millions of dollars in damages to a youngster who witnessed his aunt being shot dead by a police officer in her house.


When Zion Carr, the youngster, was just eight years old, the event took place in Fort Worth four years ago. On October 12, 2019, Atatiana Jefferson, a 28-year-old Black woman, was shot by white officer Aaron Dean after a neighbor reported that Jefferson's front door was open to the public. During the trial, it was revealed that Zion and Jefferson had been up late playing video games and had left the doors open to let out smoke after the child burned hamburgers. The £2.8 million ($3.5 million) settlement for Zion was authorized by the Fort Worth City Council. Zion testified during Dean's trial in December of last year when he was found guilty of manslaughter in Jefferson's murder and given a nearly 12-year jail sentence.


A savings plan will be initiated to assist in paying for Zion's college education, and a portion of the funds will be used to support his current requirements and living expenses. Here is a picture of Attiana Jefferson. Officer Atatiana Jefferson shot her in her own house. Dean and police Carol Darch stated in court that they suspected the house could have been broken into and discreetly walked inside the rear fence to search for evidence of a break-in. The 39-year-old Dean, whose revolver was drawn, yelled for Jefferson, who was inside, to reveal her hands before firing a single shot through the glass.

Zions Mum

According to body camera footage, neither Dean nor the other responding officer identified themselves as police when they arrived at the residence. In his testimony, Dean stated that he was left with no option when he witnessed Jefferson aiming a revolver right at him. However, when questioned by the prosecution, he admitted to making a number of mistakes and that the things he did both before and after the shooting were just "more bad police work". The video shows that Dean discharged his firearm right away after giving Jefferson the order to raise her hands, but prosecutor Dale Smith claimed that Dean did not give Jefferson enough time to obey.


Despite having his back to the window when Dean fired, Darch never reported seeing a gun before pulling the trigger, according to her testimony, and he remained silent about the weapon as they hurried inside to investigate the house. Dean admitted on the testimony stand that he never administered first aid to Jefferson and that he only mentioned the gun after noticing it on the interior of the house, despite the prosecution's claims that the evidence demonstrated otherwise. According to Zion's testimony, Jefferson pulled out her revolver thinking there was someone breaking into the backyard.


The trial's central contention was that, according to defense lawyer Bob Gill, Dean acted in self-defense, making the case more about manslaughter than murder. After more than 13 hours of deliberation over the course of two days, the jury found Dean guilty of manslaughter rather than murder. Amber Carr, Zion's mother, had congestive heart disease until passing away in January 2023.

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With nowhere else to escape, Erik Talavera was surrounded by cops and brandishing a knife. He can be seen stooping down and almost touching the ground on body-camera footage as two San Diego County sheriff's deputies open fire on him, hitting him 16 times. Later, deputies would claim that on February 16, 2022, when they shot 33-year-old Talavera from approximately 40 feet away, they thought the victim, Talavera, was clutching a tiny pistol.



Talavera's attorneys claim that the deputies were responsible for the nearly fatal mess that resulted from the entire El Cajon incident. They claim that the deputies shouted contradicting commands at Talavera, were unable to communicate with other officers at the scene, and fired more than a dozen shots while other officers were performing their duties. Man who survived after 16 shots against San Diego County sheriff's deputies After he stole a trailer, Erik Talavera was shot 16 times by police and filed a lawsuit against the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. His attorneys say he had a knife but was not a threat to deputies who were about 40 feet away. On Monday, Talavera’s attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against San Diego County and its Sheriff's Department, claiming that carelessness, excessive force, and assault and battery were the causes of the shooting.


Despite carrying a knife, Talavera did not constitute a threat when the cops opened fire, according to the attorneys. The complaint states that "Mr. Talavera did nothing to provoke the use of deadly force at any time." "Mr. Talavera did not pose a threat to any law enforcement official, nor could a reasonable deputy interpret Mr. Talavera's actions as putting anyone in danger or making a threat of violence." On September 22, 2022, the San Diego County district attorney's office found that Talavera had grabbed a tiny revolver from his waistline and that Deputies David Lovejoy and Jonathan Young, who had shot him, were not criminally responsible for the shooting.

 Erik Talavera 12

The district attorney's conclusions state that Lovejoy shot ten bullets at Talavera at first, and Young fired five. Even after being shot, Lovejoy fired two more shots as Talavera lunged for the knife and drew it to his chest. Talavera's complaint, which requests undisclosed damages, claims he was struck sixteen times in all. Talavera is gradually regaining her ability to walk after spending months in the hospital for rehabilitation. He revealed at a press conference on Tuesday that he now depends on his fiancée, friends, and neighbors for everyday assistance. "My waist is not flexible. I'm still practicing my gait. I'm unable to tie my shoes, consume regular food, or even take regular showers," he said. "However, I managed to survive."


The lawsuit claims that on February 16, 2022, Talavera reportedly stole a "bait trailer" that the Regional Auto Theft Task Force, or RATT, had put up to entice and apprehend suspected thieves. As a result, police allegedly started following Talavera. The task force was not immediately radio-connected to San Diego County deputies who were reacting to the heist. Rather, the suit claims, deputies passed radio talk from the task force to themselves via smartphones over a radio channel. According to the lawsuit, this caused information to be delayed in reaching the deputies, preventing them from speaking with task force members directly.

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