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Shortly before taking off on Wednesday, October 18, Germany's Chancellor Olaf Scholz received an alarm regarding a missile assault at Tel Aviv Airport, forcing him to ditch his aircraft and seek shelter. According to reports, travelers were told to lie down on the runway at the airport. This safety procedure also had to be followed by the current journalists.


Two rockets launched by Hamas over Tel Aviv Airport were successfully intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome defense system from Gaza. Chancellor Scholz, however, was not left lying on the runway; rather, he was brought to a nearby container and subsequently to a secure location. The passengers were allowed to board the aircraft again once the missiles were intercepted. Chancellor Scholz stated that he had conversations on the delivery of humanitarian supplies to people in the Gaza Strip during talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He further promised to convey this information to the president of Egypt.


 More fatalities and devastation are being reported, and the battle between Israel and Palestine is becoming worse. The attempts by other countries to persuade Israel to cease-fire have failed. Israel has sworn to eradicate every terrorist from Hamas for invading their nation.

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