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According to authorities, a Florida rapper is accused of murdering her manager in the middle of the street with a gunshot wound that was captured on shocking surveillance tape. Kevani On October 9, in the Wynwood district of Miami, Camilla Hicks, 27, who performs as Key Vhani on stage, was caught on camera shooting her manager several times after he and another guy harassed her on the street.

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Hicks and her manager were seen getting out of a white sedan in the video that NBC Miami was able to get. Shortly after, the two seemed to argue and start beating each other. Then, a second man emerged from a back entrance and entered the fight with Hicks; together, they eventually pushed her to the ground and impaled her there. Once they gave up, Hicks turned and abruptly turned back to shoot the two, pulling a revolver from her purse.


Her manager sprang to his feet and hid behind a car, but Hicks followed him into the street and kept shooting until he was lying injured on the ground. Kevani On stage, 27-year-old Camilla Hicks goes by Key Vhani. She was caught on camera shooting her boss.

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The second man who had assaulted Hicks had then leaped into their vehicle, driven away, and crashed into her, ostensibly running her over. Then he drove off, leaving Hicks running down the sidewalk and out of sight. Officers on the scene discovered the manager had been shot many times. After being taken to the hospital, he passed away. Hicks, who suffered blunt force injuries and had to be hospitalized, told investigators that she had feared for her life and that the shooting had been an act of self defense.

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