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Before being arrested for the rapper's death, gangster Keefe D stated that Diddy "paid $1 million for Tupac Shakur's assassination."

The guy who stands accused of killing Tupac Shakur has shockingly claimed that hip-hop artist Diddy paid $1 million and planned the assassination. Record label head Suge Knight and Pac were instructed to be "taken out" by Diddy, whose actual name is Sean Combs, according to Keefe D, who made an appearance in court in Las Vegas yesterday for the crime.


When questioned about the charges, Diddy's representatives remained silent. However, in the past, Combs has called accusations that he was responsible for Tupac's murder "nonsense." The Compton mobster, actual name Duane Davis, has made this accusation in his book, in interviews on social media, and even in a covert police interview with the Los Angeles Police Department, as The U.S. Sun can disclose.


 James McDonald, a.k.a. Mob James, was another former gangster from that era. He verified to The U.S. Sun that he had heard allegations that Diddy and others at Death Row were trying to get Suge and Tupac killed and that the New York-based rapper was afraid of the president of the record company. James, a former security enforcer for Death Row Records, stated in an exclusive interview that "everyone had a price on their head" during the height of the conflict between Death Row Records and Bad Boy Records, which operated on the West and East coasts, respectively.


"Diddy was scared of Suge," he claimed. Nobody in New York was going to go down there and look for Suge. That was not going to happen. Thus, when Tupac's incident occurred, our side had to realize that it was impossible to let that one go. They were trading tit for tat, back and forth. Given that neither Pac nor Biggie anticipated it, I think it became too huge for them. None of them anticipated it would happen that way. As I previously mentioned, Puffy was so afraid of Suge that he had to place something to move Suge aside.

James said, "A lot of guys had prices on their heads." James is now a repentant man who assists younger individuals in leaving the gang life. Because of where we were from and the circumstances, we had to step it up and act in the same way. Therefore, taking a life didn't matter at that time. It was irrelevant. That didn't matter if you beat a motherf****r a**. It did not matter. However, we carried out our assigned tasks.


"INSENSE" Keefe seems to tell officers that immediately after Tupac's death, Diddy contacted a gangster buddy of theirs named Eric Von Zip to inquire if they were responsible, according to a taped LAPD interview that was supplied to The U.S. Sun and made public online. Keefe had a legal arrangement in place that prevented him from being prosecuted for the accusations he made to the LAPD.


According to Keefe's statement on the tape, Diddy was "happy as hell" to learn that their group had shot Pac. Keefe then says in another LAPD audio tape that Diddy paid Zip the kill charge, but Zip pocketed the money for himself. In his book Compton Street Legend, Keefe states that one day, when they were out in New York eating pastrami sandwiches and sipping pink champagne, Diddy, also known as Puffy or Puff Daddy, placed the order for the famous song. Diddy replied, "I need to speak to you big dawg," and Keefe, who was "FULL OF FEAR," said that he followed him outside to have a conversation.


In the book, he remarked, "I can see and smell fear." Puffy was very terrified. Then, according to Keefe, Diddy allegedly stated, "I need to take care of a few issues I have." Huge Knight, the CEO, and Pac." That's not an issue, the thug claims he said in response. We can accomplish that. In the book, Keefe reveals that following the release of Pac's diss tune Hit 'Em Up, Diddy had a falling out with Pac, claiming, "That song made Puffy mad."


FBI REPORTS Keefe even stated in a more recent interview from May of this year with Youtuber Vlad TV that FBI officials informed him that Diddy had given $1 million to Zip for the killing. When the journalist asked Keefe D about a gang-related story that "Puffy gave Zip a million dollars after Tupac got killed, that was supposed to be handed over and Zip ended up keeping it," Keefe D replied.

"The FBI also stated that." "FBI said Zip is a dirty motherf***er," Keefe said. All of them avoided you. Everyone, even attorneys and your friends has crossed your ass; you are simply unaware of it. Even the guys he went around in the automobiles with. In a grand jury hearing conducted in Las Vegas last month to determine whether to prosecute Keefe, witnesses also discussed Diddy's long-standing animosity with Suge and Tupac, according to court documents.

A witness who once played with Tupac in the South Side Crips revealed to the grand jury last month how the two became enemies after Tupac joined Death Row Records and informed everyone that Diddy and fellow rapper Biggie Smalls were responsible for the last shooting in which Pac was shot.

RAP Domes "Tupac telling the people on Death Row that Puff, Biggie, and they were involved in his initial shooting incident." He genuinely thought they had succeeded. I don't know, but I think they did it," Lee remarked. However, that immediately fueled the flames, making it seem as though anytime Death Row affiliates or anyone involved with Death Row saw someone associated with Bad Boy, things may become ugly. In his subsequent testimony, he stated that Keefe had met P. Diddy through Zip and that Zip had given Tupac the pistol used in the shooting.


"Zip, one of these players that's out of New York out of Harlem, that's actually how we met Puff, that's how we got connected with Puff is through his drug lord," he stated in response to a question about where the gang had obtained the pistol used in the Tupac massacre. He was larger than Keefe, far larger than Keefe D, but he wasn't from Harlem. And he informed Keefe, "You know, I got the pistol if you all need it," from a compartment he had constructed into his Mercedes.

In 1994, Diddy was seen sipping Cristal champagne with New York mobster Eric Von Zip. In 1994, Diddy was seen sipping Cristal champagne with New York mobster Eric Von Zip.

Death Row Records and Los Angeles-based Suge Knight were the enemies of Biggie and Puffy. Death Row Records and Los Angeles-based Suge Knight were the enemies of Biggie and Puffy.

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