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Actor Jean-Claude Van Damme discusses his feelings over his "duel" with Steven Seagal and asserts that he is superior to Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Stallion 2

The renowned Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme has opened out about his conflict with Steven Seagal and his feelings for his coworker in the film business. Although they were renowned for their quarrel in the 1990s, both performers were regarded as two of the greatest action heroes in Hollywood productions.


Additionally, it is reported that in 1991, during a party at Sylvester Stallone's Miami house, Jean-Claude dared Seagal, 71, to "meet him outside" after hearing him disparage him in interviews. However, Steven declined to accept his challenge. Van Damme discussed the matter with MailOnline from his Hong Kong hotel room, saying, "It's okay if Steven doesn't like me." Maybe I would be concerned if someone like Einstein or Beethoven didn't like me.


However, I don't mind if Seagal doesn't like me. I'm not at all bothered. There doesn't seem to be an issue of any kind. In addition, Jean-Claude disclosed that he continues to make about two films annually and asserted that he is far more courageous than Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger when it comes to accepting responsibility.

The actor Jean-Claude Van Damme discusses his thoughts about Arnold Schwarzenegger (second from right), Van Damme (left), and Sly Stallone (second from left),

"It is impossible for a guy like me to not work," he stated. I can converse in French and a little English. My next two projects are two French films.


Sly and Arnie are terrified to travel abroad, but I love to travel.

I've traveled throughout Azerbaijan and Khazakstan. Although I believe they are dangerous nations, I have been welcomed there. In addition, Jean-Claude said that he had started a new business and was now a part-owner of Old Oak, a brand-new Irish whiskey. "My grandpa used to take me on his thigh and dip his cigar in whiskey before smoking it while I sat there," the man recalled. "I lived in a country house in Brussels."


Naturally, this was the 1970s. Although it's generally accepted that smoking around kids is bad, I always like the woodsy scent. Although I'm not an expert on alcohol, it has undoubtedly caused me some ups and downs over the years. However, whiskey is the nectar of life, therefore I'm not worried about how my new business is doing. It is loved by those who adore it. Let's see. It is similar to filming a movie. Large-budget films don't always turn out to be successful. At other times, something can produce 70 million yet only cost 2-3 million.

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