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Following his third injection by nurse Feyisayo Ogedemgbe on September 12, 2023, late musician Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, started throwing up and getting goosebumps, according to Lagos State Commissioner of Police CP Idowu Owohunwa. According to POLITICS NIGERIA, the CP revealed the information on Friday during a news conference held at the state Command headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos. He was presenting early findings from the police team's inquiry on what exactly happened before Mohbad died.


Twenty-six witnesses have been interrogated as of now, according to the CP. He stated that among the people being questioned are Mohbad's mother, father, sisters, brother, wife, and manager. According to the CP, Mohbad was admitted to the hospital lifeless and was pronounced dead on September 12 by the attending physicians. The singer was given three shots by the nurse Feyisayo Ogedemgbe, who was summoned by Mohbad's buddy Ayobami Sodiq, nicknamed Spending, at his home. These injections are said to have set off a series of events that ultimately resulted in the singer's death, according to the CP.


"Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad) died as a direct result of a series of events that transpired between September 10 and September 13, 2023," according to Owohunwa. "The incidents took place in Lekki and Ikorodu in Lagos State."The main suspect in the homicide case is Feyisayo Ogedengbe "f," an auxiliary nurse who gave Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad) several powerful injections that caused an instantaneous response and ultimately led to his death.

"The sequence of events that led to Mohbad's death at 15:43 on September 12, 2023, is thought to have been directly caused by Feyisayo Ogedengbe, who is not a licensed registered nurse, and her illegal actions and medical negligence."Mohbad's response, convulsions, and final death are verified to have occurred within less than an hour following the injections given by Auxiliary Nurse Ogedengbe.


"Aside from her admission to the consequences of her actions, the Report of the Medical Panel that reviewed Auxiliary Nurse Feyisayo's actions concluded that she went beyond her limitations as an auxiliary nurse by administering IV Ceftriaxone on the deceased and that this from their review was the most likely cause of the anaphylactic reaction, which could have been promptly resolved and his death possibly prevented, if the deceased was treated in the hospital." This time frame runs from 1440 hours, when the principal suspect administered the sets of injections, to 1543 hours, when Mohbad was confirmed dead at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki.


Prime Boy, Ibrahim Oluwatosin Owoduni, is also seen as having participated in the series of events that ultimately resulted in Mohbad's death since he suffered the injuries that ultimately sparked those acts during their physical altercation.

The late singer Mohbad had an autopsy after his body was exhumed a few days after his burial in September. According to the police, the following events transpired prior to the singer's death, and Owohunwa stated that they are presently awaiting the results of the autopsy report. Samples from the singer's vital organs have been collected and sent for thorough clinical analysis.


Based on the current inquiry, the following sequence of events has been determined to have directly led to Mohbad's death and the suspects directly involved: At around 2100 hours on September 10, 2023, Soso Soberekon invited Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad) to a musical event at Ikorodu Town Hall in order to advertise De-General Bitters drinks.


 At approximately 1900 hours, Mohbad arrived at the event location with his spouse, Mrs. Cynthia Omowumi Adebanjo, and their five-month-old child; Mohbad's personal assistant, Adeyemo Boluwatife (Darosa), and his childhood friend, Ibrahim Oluwatosin Owoduni (Prime Boy). The Prado Jeep, which Mohbad had rented specifically for the occasion, was being driven by Fidelix Esanbor. Others who

Mohbad was driven by Ajisegiri Sultan Ayobami, his DJ; Aderinto Fawas Ademola (Adewest), his buddy; Olanrewaju Idris Adedoja (OG), his photographer; and Ayobami Sadiq (Spending), Aduragbemi Shedrack Aloba, Mohbad's younger brother. Mohbad was joined on stage by Zlatan, Seun Kuti, and DJ Fokati, among other musicians.


When he and his entourage tried to leave the venue after his performance, which ended at about 2300 hours, he found that other cars had blocked his path and that some of his admirers and the Area Boys had also surrounded him. Infuriated, Mohbad—who, according to witness testimony, was inebriated and hyperactive—attempted to descend to clear the road, but his companion Ibrahim persuaded him not to for safety concerns. This further enraged Mohbad, and the two got into a heated quarrel and physical altercation.


 Mohbad tried to strike Ibrahim with a blow, but he missed and cracked their Prado Jeep's unique window, hurting his forehand and forcing him to bleed heavily. When everything was under control, they all left for Mohbad's house in Lekki, with the exception of Ibrahim.

On September 11, 2023, at around 0200 hours, Mohbad arrived home and refused to go to the hospital to receive treatment for his injuries. This was despite constant prodding from his wife, employees, and friends, including the driver of the Prado Jeep, whose car had been damaged. Later on in the day, Mohbad began to experience excruciating aches from the damaged hand, which was still bleeding. His buddy Ayobami Sadiq (Spending), who observed the growing discomfort, persisted that he visit the hospital immediately for medical attention. Despite his resistance, Mohbad decided to phone his nurse, Nurse Funmi, who was regrettably unavailable.

At this juncture, Mohbad gave his agreement when Ayobami Sadiq (Spending) proposed calling his nurse, Ms. Feyisayo Ogedengbe, to take care of him. Ms. Feyisayo was also unavailable when reached at around 1430 on Monday, September 11, 2023, but she made a commitment to show up on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. She asked that a photo of the injured hand or region be taken in advance of her arrival so that it may be sent to her for evaluation and guidance regarding the appropriate medicine.

This was completed in the end. At around 14:35 on September 12, 2023, Ms. Feyisayo finally showed up with one injectable pack of Ceftriaxone, one vial each of Paracetamol, Tetanus Toxoid, and Procaine Penicillin, seven ampules of intramuscular Diclofenac, tincture iodine, and needles/syringes. The Tetanus Toxoid was delivered by Ms. Feyisayo on

the intravenous injections of Ceftriaxone and Paracetamol into Mohbad's arm. Ms. Feyisayo verified that Mohbad began vomiting as soon as the Ceftriaxone injection was given and that he also developed goosebumps all over his body and on his face. It occurred to Ms. Feyisayo at this moment that Mohbad was responding to the medicine that had been given. As a result, she hurried outside to get hydrol and salt solution. She received a call when she was in the neighborhood pharmacy informing her that Mohbad had begun convulsing.


Ultimately, in the car of their neighbor, engineer Chinaka Jesse, Cynthia Omoduni Adebanjo, Aduragbemi Shedrack Aloba, Olarewaju Idris Adedoja, Ayinde Habib Idowu Damola, Aderinto Fawas Ademola, and Ms. Feyisayo drove him to the hospital. Regretfully, upon his arrival at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki, he was declared deceased. His body was transferred to Perez Hospital in Lekki, where his death was recertified because the staff was not persuaded. Later on, Cura-Med Hospital issued a death certificate. After meeting briefly, Mohbad's father, who had been notified beforehand, visited the late Mohbad's home and decided to take the body to Ikorodu for burial. This was completed the next day, September 13, 2023, at around 1400 hours.

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