Estimates claim that if the vessel is still functional, there may only be enough oxygen for one day. Whether the submersible is on the ocean floor, it is unknown whether or how rescue crews could get to it. However, some experts have hypothesized that the Titan's shallow depth may be indicated by the fact that a sonar buoy very close to the water's surface detected the hammering noises.

Paul-Henri Nargeolet, one of the five people aboard the submersible, has been described as a "extraordinary leader" in a crisis by Joe MacInnis, who has made two excursions to the Titanic disaster. "He's dealt with a variety of difficult situations," says the speaker. In this kind of circumstance, you want him at your side.



One of the five people inside the submersible, Paul-Henri Nargeolet, has been described as an "extraordinary leader" in a crisis by Joe MacInnis, who has made two journeys to the Titanic disaster. He has dealt with a wide range of challenging situations. In circumstances like this, you want him at your side.

At least five ships are now present at the Titanic wreckage. It has been reported, and four more are in motion but are not certain to arrive on Wednesday. Sky claimed that according to maritime tracking data, the Titan submersible's "mother ship," the research vessel Polar Prince, was present at the location, along with the Bahamian pipe-laying vessel Deep Energy and the commercial vessel Skandi Vinland. While the French research vessel L'Atalante, carrying a deep-sea drone, arrived overnight, the Canadian coast guard vessels John Cabot and Atlantic Merlin diving robot submersible – should reach the scene in the evening. Four more appeared unlikely to arrive before Thursday, according to Sky, including two additional Canadian coastguard ships, a Canadian navy ship, and a private offshore support vessel.

The underwater noises give optimism that all on board are still alive, an oceanographer told the BBC. According to Simon Boxall, a senior lecturer in oceanography at the University of Southampton, "There are many sound sources in the ocean, but it does give hope." "I believe that the submersible imploding was one of the scenarios that everyone feared. Therefore, the fact that this is still a rescue effort rather than merely a recovery effort does offer some hope.

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