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According to the British Council, more than 1600 Nigerian doctors moved to the UK in the past year. The General Medical Council (GMC) of the United Kingdom has made a stunning discovery in its "Workforce Report 2023": 1,616 doctors with training from Nigeria have joined the UK medical workforce in 2022 alone, marking a large migration of medical professionals from that country. This rise has positioned Nigeria as the third highest provider of non-UK graduate physicians, overtaken only by India and Pakistan, which provided 2,402 and 2,372 doctors, respectively.


Additionally, the data shows that Nigeria's doctor migration rate is steadily increasing, and Nigeria is about to surpass Pakistan to become the nation with the second-highest concentration of foreign-trained physicians in the UK. The research highlights the growing significance of international medical graduates (IMGs), particularly those from Nigeria, in the UK healthcare system. These individuals make up over half of newly hired physicians and 63% of the 23,838 new entries to the medical register.


 The Changing Medical Workforce in the United Kingdom But in Nigeria, this tendency has raised concerns. The Nigerian Medical Association is concerned that future medical immigration may be necessary due to the high incidence of medical brain drain. Nigeria's health industry is now dealing with a serious workforce shortage. Due to the migration of physicians and other health workers abroad, hospitals all across the nation are dealing with a decline in outpatients and surgical volume. This has put a strain on the remaining healthcare professionals, resulting in overwork, tiredness, and burnout.


The GMC study also draws attention to a notable change from 2014, when only 181 Nigerian physicians were employed in the UK. According to the data, the fastest-growing category of new hires since 2015 has been non-British nationality doctors who obtained their primary medical qualifications (PMQs) in their native country. These doctors currently make up 48% of the new hires. On the other hand, the percentage of British nationals who are PMQ has decreased, falling from 53% in 2015 to 30% in 2022.

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