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In Russia's two-year-long, larger war on Ukraine, Russian regiments and brigades have a poor tendency to mass their forces in the open, during the day, only ten or twenty miles from the front lines. either for a high-ranking officer's inspection or for instruction. The wheeled High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System launcher in Ukraine is equipped with M30/31 rockets, which are produced in the United States, and can fire up to a distance of ten to twenty kilometers.

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It is therefore not surprising that the Ukrainians had detected and attacked these meetings twice in the space of two days, presumably using drones. Numerous Russians are said to have died. The 39th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade of the Russian army in Trudivs'ke, eastern Ukraine, was the target of the first hit on Tuesday. The 29th Combined Arms Army commander, Maj. Gen. Oleg Lvovich Moiseev, had two infantry companies and their commander, Col. G. Musaev, lined up so that he could speak to them.


According to reports, Moiseev was on his way when a HIMARS began fire and a Ukrainian drone flew overhead. The front line is located in Vuhledar, some 20 kilometers to the west. Up to 57 miles can be covered by GPS-guided M30/31 rockets, each containing 182,000 tungsten balls, fired by a HIMARS. Mounds of dead Russians are shown in the survivors' images and videos. Musaev was among the allegedly 65 troops that perished. As he documented the devastation, one survivor said, "They lined them up in an open field." "Chaotic leaders." Never claim that the Russian military is capable of learning from its errors.


At least not very soon. On Wednesday, the very following day, two groups of Russian forces convened once more for inspection and training in the open.

328th Air Assault Regiment, 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade, and 81st Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment came together in two distinct formations in the Oleshky Sands National Nature Park, which is located on the left bank of the Dnipro River, about 20 miles south of the Ukrainian Marine Corps' bridgehead in Krynky. They were found by a drone from Ukraine. HIMARS-like Ukrainian artillery began to fire. About sixty more Russians are said to have perished. The Russians had excellent cause to hope for relief amidst the corpses and blood.


About three hundred HIMARS in Ukraine are primarily supplied with M30/31 rockets by the United States, and since October, Republicans in the U.S. Congress who support Russia have prevented the country from receiving any more help. Eventually, the rockets will run out. By then, Russian soldiers will find it much safer to loiter in the open during the daytime hours inside drone and rocket range of the front line.

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