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In northeastern Nigeria, a Christian lady According to reports, Rhoda Ya'u Jatau is on trial following her detention for blasphemy. Look

at what was said to have been done by her.


According to accounts, a Christian lady in northeastern Nigeria is currently on trial for blasphemy after spending more than four months incommunicado for transmitting a WhatsApp message. After receiving a WhatsApp message from Ghana denouncing the horrific murder of Deborah Emmanuel Yakubu, a university student in Sokoto state who was also wrongly accused of blaspheming Islam, Rhoda Ya'u Jatau, 45, was detained in Bauchi state in May.


 When Jatau sent the statement denouncing Yakubu's killing on May 12 to her coworkers in Warji County, Muslims who read it accused her of blasphemy and made plans to assassinate her. She was detained on May 20 by security officers from the Department of State Services, Nigeria's secret police, and was being held in custody when Muslim rioters broke into her home to kill her, according to reports.

According to a news release from her lawyer, Joshua Nasara, Mrs. Jatau has been imprisoned since her arrest on spurious charges of blasphemy and for "inciting public disturbance, exciting contempt of religious creed and cyber-stalking." Jatau is a health worker employed by the Warji Local Government Area, and Nasara stated that attempts to obtain bail for him had been "frustrated and denied by government authorities and leaders of Islamic groups in the state."

 According to the charges, Jatau, of Tudun Alheri, posted a video to a WhatsApp group run by the Primary Healthcare Authority of Warji Local Government Area that denigrates Allah, Muhammad, his parents, and the Muslim community as a whole. He claimed to have done this "with the intent to cause religious crisis." According to the allegations, she allegedly broke the Cybercrime Prohibition Prevention Act of 2015's Section 24 Paragraph 1b(i) as well as Sections 114 and 210 of the Penal Code Law.


Before being prosecuted, Jatau was detained for two weeks. Following that, Nasara stated, she was kept incommunicado in jail while the state's Muslim leaders and authorities postponed her trial. After being detained for the legally permitted two months without being given a trial, an application for bail was submitted on July 20. However, it wasn't assigned to a judge until July 26, by which time the judges had left for holiday, according to Nasara. "The application was reassigned to a vacation judge in August, and on August 11th, it was heard for the first time," he stated.


 The blasphemy accusations, according to Rev. Ishaku Dano of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Warji County, are untrue. Jatau said that he just posted the WhatsApp message to warn people against more violence in the northern Nigerian region, where Muslim gangs were causing mayhem.


Pastor Dano stated, "We have information from Mrs. Jatau that indicates the WhatsApp message she received and distributed to her group was a warning against violence and against using derogatory language when addressing the faith of others, but that was not the interpretation by the Muslims." "And since the incident in May 2022, Muslims have been pushing for Mrs. Jatau's execution on charges of blasphemy against Muhammad."

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